August 5: Easter Basket filled with Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies, Yoder's Homestyle Apple Butter, 2 Mousetraps, Jelly Belly Car Air Fresheners, and Marich Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Sunday, August 5, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 12:44 PM
Given to Jody from Allie.
A tisket, a tasket, a random Easter basket
Years ago, Jody and her husband went out to eat at this bed & breakfast in southern California, which happened to be owned by the late-Jim Belushi's father, Adam Belushi.  He had photos of his son on the walls of his establishment and place was fun to go to.  Evidently, Jody tells me, all of the surrounding B&B's in Julian, California were up in arms over Adam's exquisite breakfasts that put them all to shame.  Most of his competition stuck to only a few different breakfast options, but Adam's creations were superb.  Hilarious, no?

I have visions of the competing B&B owners saying something like, "If Adam keeps making those mouth-watering cranberry-thyme scones and Eggs Benedict with that delectable pear compote, we're gonna have to do something about it!"  I could also see Adam taunting them. "Hey Jim, I just got a new 12-inch enamel coated frying pan from France.  I'm going to make your hash browns taste like hamster cage lining."

Bill Cosby will apply your first
pudding cup
-Profession: Hospital Tech

-Favorite egg variety: X-Large, Free Range Brown Eggs

-Years prior, you worked the bingo tables in a casino on an Native American reservation.  How many false bingos were there?:  None.  Your neighbor would kill you.  They are serious.  I remember one time someone was playing for like $90k on a bingo ticket on a circle 8 and they were wrong.  It got ugly.

-When do you did facials, was it okay to eat the cucumber afterward?:  I never used cucumbers.  But I wouldn't eat them.  I think the next big wave in food products is probably some kind of chocolate sauce or pudding.

-With your current job in the hospital, do the beeps from the monitors ever form part of a melody in your head?:  No, I try to block the beeps out.  It's awful.