August 3: Bundle of Greeting Cards

Friday, August 3, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 7:59 PM
Given to Lynn from Melissa.

It seems like I couldn't do anything to impress my co-worker Anne.  It began mid-morning when I was re-telling her a story using an upper crust British accent (it was appropriate for the story, mind you), in which she said it was okay if I continued the story, but only in my normal accent.  A few years ago, I was unsure if I did that particular accent justice, but I asked a Londoner on a flight into her native city how my accent was and she said, "Not bad."  I continued on with the story, but downplayed the showmanship.

During this story telling, we were on our way to a work event.  When we got into the elevator at our location, I made a 180-degree turn immediately upon entering it much like the Star Trek actors do when they're going on a dangerous away mission.  Fast forward to when we were leaving the building and on the elevator down, and I blankly stared at the back left corner in silence.

Lastly, we were walking out to our cars and I took a vampire bite out of my apple (the key is getting a nice rounded angle on the crescent bite).  It probably doesn't make sense what a vampire bite is, but it does look like I have two sharp teeth that protrude from my bottom lip and saves you a trip to the Halloween store if you're looking for a quick laugh on your walk home.  Anne just wanted to know what (power in the universe) created that thought and action.

-Profession: RN, BSN

-Favorite fruit in a yogurt: Cherry-raspberry

-If you were in like Lynn with someone, what's missing?:  The fun

-If someone were to copy--or dub--you, where would it take them?:  Saudi Arabia?  The Pentagon?  The operating room? [How about Dublin?]

-If you could go to the city of Lynn in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Indiana or Massachusetts, which one would you pick?:  Lynn, Indiana because it gets me closer to seeing the Indianapolis 500.