August 27: Caribou Coffee Mug

Tuesday, August 28, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 8:25 AM
Given to Cordy from Brittany.

No surprise here, I suppose.  Once she was spontaneously asked to participate in the gift exchange yesterday, Brittany found something fast and that quick present was a coffee mug.  Cordy said she needed a coffee mug and bought one last week.  Nothing like a two-for-one special.

What was a surprise was getting a dead battery in my car yesterday when I was leaving work.  I had to get a jump after work and then another two jumps later in the evening--once from Cordy after we met up and a subsequent one from a guy named William (not Bill or Billy or Mac or Buddy) who came via my Roadside Assistance plan.  A car jump feels like a high-five with some meat on it.  I'm not talking a high-five that hurts, but one that has some substance behind it.  A jump is definitely not like a hug; that would be like sharing the emergency heat blanket with someone.  It's not like a kiss either; that's like ditching the blanket 'cause it's getting in the way.  A handpound equivalent is getting an oil change and a handshake is like signing the title.  Nope, someone comes to jump start your car battery and it's like, "Hey man, give me some let's get you on the road again."

-Profession: Paleontologist

-Favorite cruising music: BPM Channel 51 on XM Sirius Satellite Radio

-On your life bucket list, does it include anywhere on it buying, trading, kicking, filling, or dumping a bucket?:  No.  No buckets.  I'm not a fan of buckets.  I just have a list.

-When you're alone--and sometimes with loved ones--you'll sing short ditties.  Say there is a squirrel in your front yard.  What would be a fitting ditty?:  I'd first call him "Squill".  And I'd sing something like "Squilly Squills".  And I would sing it over and over and on the hour.

-In your spare time, you like stamp collecting and paleontology.  What other aristocratic pastime do you want to do?:  Collect small things which I did as a kid.  I had small decks of playing cards and small dice.  I would also find small toads and would catch and release them.