August 2: Haunted Gettysburg: Self-Guided Ghost Walk, Sparkled Neon Green Photo Album, and Sleepmask

Thursday, August 2, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 10:40 PM
Given to Melissa from Britta.

There is a rhyme and reason for Britta's gift bundle and I'll repeat her logic in the order it was given to me and how I had to relay it to Melissa.

1) Here's a book on ghost stories from Gettysburg.  There are some of the most poorly drawn images I've ever seen--particularly the human arms that look like chicken legs.  I asked Britta if she would be willing to narrate the book for my 2012 Christmas present, which she happily agreed to.  I also noticed this 30-ish page book was written by a family of authors--Bob, Bonnie and Rob Wasel--and I wonder who did what to ensure the book's completion (I bet Bonnie did the layout).

2) The photo album was chosen for it's eerie green color, reminding Britta of the Ectoplasm from Slimer in Ghostbusters.  If Melissa does take the self-guided ghost tour, the photos appropriate for this album would be the orbs around the sites that would show up when she busts out her camera to document the visit.

3) If Melissa meets conditions 1 and 2, the sleep mask is to prevent her from seeing (but not hearing) apparitions at night.

Shes' happy with her shears--
there handy
-Profession: Editor

-Favorite lawn care tool: Left-handed Pruning Shears

-Melissa is a Greek word that means 'honey bee'.  If you did a dance like a bee, where would you direct people to go?:  The Land of Oz.  Seems like a good enough place to me.

-With the explosion of location bumper stickers (i.e. OBX for Outer Banks), give me a figurative location and initials:  OZ for the Land of Oz.  However, they could confuse it with going to Dr. Oz's place.

-In your daily life, what's the greatest aggravation that you either see or hear that you need to edit?:  People use apostrophes before s's in a plural noun (i.e. my shoe's)