July 31: Bank (with 18 cents), Pair of Slippers, Stuffed Mule Plush Toy and Sculpt It Clay Molding Kit

Tuesday, July 31, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 10:45 PM
Given to Beth from Christine.

A little description of the gifts is in order.  The bank is one that counts the change as it goes down the chute via an electronic counter.  Before giving it away, Christine reset the counter from $25 down to $0 and then tested the counter by filling it with 18 cents.  If I could have a genie give me three wishes, one of those wishes would be to know what she was thinking at upping the ante to 18 cents and stopping there.  Was she playing some new Price is Right game in her mind where she didn't want to go over?  Is that her lucky number?  Dying to know when she felt satisfied that, yep, the counter was working all right.

Also included were a pair of slippers that Christine says you could wear around a hotel room if you wanted to kick your shoes off and relax a little--but not too much.  Beth loved them actually, even though they were a squeench too big.  We round out the gifts with a stuffed mule plush toy and a clay molding kit.

Signs all credit card purchases with
her "John Hancock"
-Profession: College student

-Favorite # of rungs in a chair: 3

-Give your prowess playing the tuba, what would you estimate the average age of a child to be who could fit in the tuba bell?:  24 months at most

-You have spent time traveling in the UK and the accents there make anyone hotter.  Rank the following UK accents in order from hot to hottest (Scottish, Welsh, Irish, English): Welsh--N/A (I don't think I've heard one), Irish, Scottish, English.

-You always keep a copy of the U.S. Constitution on you.  What amendment or article do you most frequently reference?:  1st Amendment

-% of the time you reference the copy for yourself: 60%
-% of the time you reference the copy for friends: 30%
-% of the time you reference the copy for family: 10%
-% of the time you reference the copy for strangers: 0%

-Which signer of the Constitution has the most street cred: James Madison