July 14: Frank McCourt Trilogy: Angela's Ashes, Tis, and Teacher Man

Saturday, July 14, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 10:35 PM
Given to Travis from Liz.
Pretty paper, pretty presents, pretty ribbon of blue
Last night, I was leaving my hotel and heading out for a night on the town.  I  happened into a raucous bachelorette party in the elevator where I certainly began livin' it up while I was going down.  They were on a scavenger hunt-style party and one of their tasks in a team was to have a stranger kiss one of the ladies body parts.  I couldn't have my preference of mid-calf, so I ended up kissing this girl's forearm and posing for a picture as proof of the exchange.  I bumped into the group later on in the evening and found out that I helped them garner 1st place.  Why I wasn't invited to join them in the hot tub party is beyond me, but I was happy to do my public service for the week.

The elevator socialization became contagious.  I met a couple this morning who were only an hour away from home and, judging from their eager smiles, looked like they had a good night.  They were from a small suburb outside of Chicago, where a friend of mine lived, and I asked them if they knew Allison.  They looked at each other and said no.  Aren't questions like mine kinda annoying?  It's about the equivalent of asking someone, "Oh, you breathe oxygen? My friend Allison breathes oxygen, do you know her?"  They didn't.

Could make a delicious marble cake
in his earpiece
-Profession: Arts Management

-Favorite state agency:  DMV

-Travis are a post-Brit pop band from Glasgow, Scotland.  If they wrote a self-titled song, what would it be called?:  'Knockin' on the Painted Wall' and it be about hanging pictures and knick-knacks on my apartment wall.

-Do you lean more toward Randy Travis or Travis Tritt?:  Randy Travis.  When I was little, I told people I was named after him.

-You're a musician.  If you 'play something by ear', how large an earpiece would you need to have?:  Probably a ten-inch round one.  It would be a completely silent tune.