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Monday, July 2, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 12:48 AM
Given to Wendy from Ron.

Most of my friends know I love mushrooms.  As an extension, I love Wendy and her husband because they produce some fine-tasting products that I turn into soup, risotto, spaghetti sauce, and mushroom pesto, along with a few other dishes.  However, does it ever perplex you (if you enjoy mushrooms) when someone comes up and incredulously asks you, "You know that's a fungus, right?"  What do they think?  That I'm eating athlete's foot or something?  "Hold on, dear, you know this fungus is missin' something.  Could you pass the Lotrimin?"  These are the same people who slurp down a hot dog at the game and think nothing of it.  Granted, stadium mustard could make anything go down smooth, but I hope you see the double standard.

The other comments I get when eating mushrooms come from 1.4% of the population.  They will usually make some remark about how I should get high on them, heh heh (laughing like Beavis or Butthead), and snort them or something ridiculous.  One of my friends told me he did mushrooms in his youth and said the whole ceiling looked like there was a swarm of locusts going overhead.  No thanks, man.  I'd much rather bop them in Super Mario.

Mushroom baby was named
-Profession: Mushroom Farmer

-Favorite Canadian province:  British Columbia

-When you go to Wendy's, what do you order?:  A Frostee.  Yeah, that's about it.

-Have you ever dreamt about mushrooms?  If so, what did you dream about?:  I dreamt that I was having a mushroom baby.

-A Wendy house is a toy house that kids play in.  What would your special room be in that playhouse?: A rec room, probably, with games and toys and all kinds of things to play with.  And food.  I'd make sure we could eat whatever's in the fridge.