July 25: German and English versions of Angewandte Chemie (a chemical engineering publication) , Falafel mix, and Starbucks giftcard

Thursday, July 26, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 12:19 AM
Given to Josh from Jack.
Both versions list a delicious recipe for branzino

Here's how Jack wrapped it...brilliant!

I had to stay late for a work event--a barbecue followed by a live band performance.  Once people were done eating, I shuttled them from the food to the music in a six passenger golf cart.  This proved most enjoyable for the following reasons:

1) My dream profession--listed here previously--is zoo tram operator.  I am getting closer.
2) I had no horn, so in order to shoo people away on the sidewalk, I bellowed in a high British accent, "You there, umm, excuse me.  (throat clear)
3) I gave people rides to the entertainment who were not part of the work event.  They were the privileged few who sneered at the commoners on foot.
4) I exchanged tacit waves with other workers for the music event who did not have anything to do with my work event.  It's like, "Hey brotha, I got you."  And I'm like, "On the flip side, homeskillet."  It's kind of like the waves bus drivers exchange with one another when they pass.
5) I got to impress a few septuagenarians with polite small talk about cities and weather.

-Profession: Educational activism

-Favorite food color: Yellow #5 in Mountain Dew

-You currently play collegiate baseball.  Are there any times in a ball game when you really do want a belly-itcher?:  Absolutely.  I pitch and when you're a pitcher you get more downtime.  It would be nice to have someone scratch my belly.

-You enjoy cooking.  In your highly-esteemed culinary opinion, what, if any, is the missing ingredient in a batch of stone soup?:  Love.  People are bringing only what they can find.  The love nurtures the soup.  It's what makes my grandmother's cooking so good.

-You work for a group called the Global Ethics Leadership Society, whose acronym is GELS.  Are you gellin'?:  Definitely like Magellan.  We put out a lot of programs and you have to be gellin' to make all of them work well.