July 20: Photo book

Saturday, July 21, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 1:45 AM
Given to Nick from Ellen.
Now all he has to do is make some memories
My Morning of Daydreams:
We had this presentation at work that was designed to make our office run smoother through a "lean" management structure.  When I think of lean, I think of deer, which made me think of galloping away from people or staring into the headlights, which is what we all kind of do now at our office.  While I'm cueing up a dose of tongue-in-cheek hilarity here, I did actually ponder all the meats available for consumption that are lean.

In a similar vein, there was discussion about "swim lanes" where everyone had a lane to swim, or do their work, in.  That really caused some serious daydreaming.  I went around the room and thought of who would be 'ok' in a Speedo if we were swimming and who would be 'not ok' in a Speedo.  Then I wondered on the presenter's diagram where the deep end would be and where it was only 3 ft. deep and not fit for someone to jump in.

Lastly, this guy with his online toolkits and value streaming talked about how he gave a "golden salmon" award to employees from the company he ran prior to his consulting work who could see a problem and take care of it "upstream" before it became a problem to anyone else at the company.  I thought a "golden lemming" award might be more apropos for our office.

-Profession: Artist; Barista

-Favorite volume (in oz): 13 oz

-What kinds of (k)nick-(k)nacks do you have around your dwelling?:  I have more knick than knack.  I have a lot of leftover reusable shopping bags behind my bed.  I have a giraffe made of Coca-Cola cans, which is probably the best gift I ever received.  It's my guardian at night.

-As an art student, you had to draw or paint using a nude model as the subject.  Would you tell him/her if there was a piece of broccoli (or other vegetable) between their front teeth?:  No, I wouldn't.  I probably wouldn't notice.  Or actually, I'd probably want to draw it in.

-List three things you've done in the nick of time lately:
1) just parked super fast
2) gave some chocolates to Starbucks staff
3) thought of these answers