July 12: Bottle of Chateau Kuban 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon

Friday, July 13, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 1:51 AM
Given to Mark from Barry.

Don't Read This.  Now, you're more inclined to read on, right?  It's funny how reverse psychology works.  Let me tell you a little story about how this came into my life just over the weekend.  I was at my parents' house and went to the backyard garden to pick some fresh basil (yum!), lettuce and kale from the garden.  I'm pretty focused on the task at hand and on my walk from house to garden, I hear a splash.  I turn and see my neighbor with a margarita glass and large book leisurely sitting in a newly-purchased temporary pool in her backyard.  Honest Abe, I didn't gawk or leer.  I waved, gave a neighborly hello, then walked to the garden.  I hear more splashing.  She stood up in her pool, craned her body, and asked me to repeat what I said.  I said, "Hello".  She said "hey" right back.

The next day, a 6-foot high, square bamboo fence was erected around the pool.  My brother and I were in the backyard again and instead of seeing this and looking away, we stood there and gawked and leered and were asking each other all sorts of questions about who's behind the bamboo fence now (was it baby-making time?) and then tried to peer into the cracks between bamboo slits to see if we could catch a peek of anything (we gave up rather quickly).  So, you see, if there was no fence, we don't look.  But because there is a fence, we look on determinedly.

The gift presented today is a bottle of wine made by Barry.

-Profession: Cost Analyst

-Favorite Family TV show: The Amazing Race

-For your job, you take rolls of paper and make them into smaller rolls.  In an emergency where your facility loses all electrical power, could a person use a Ginsu 2000 to cut the larger roles down?:  We could not use knives, but we could use hampsters/gerbils/squirrels on those little wire wheels that they run around on.  We might ned a bunch of them, though.

-Name two things you can juggle and two things that are on your off-limit juggling list?: I can juggle knives and hatchets.  Off limits are flaming torches and another woman (wife would not like that)

-Because you have great skill at making pancakes, does it offend you when someone calls it a flapjack?:  It does not offend me, but they are not flapjacks.  Those are the guys who dress up as flappers from the 1920s.