July 6: Kalanchoe Plant

Saturday, July 7, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 12:06 AM
Given to Terri from Ashley.

Ashley admitted she doesn't possess a "green thumb" and has killed many a plant, including cacti that her mother has purchased for her.  However, herbs have avoided the compost bin under Ashley's watch, except when she was getting ready for the gift exchange.  A rosemary plant purchased on Monday looked "pretty brown", so she turned to the kalanchoe plant instead, which is popular in Korea.  They're so popular, her mother has one of every color in the house.

In past Christmases, I have bought and decorated a rosemary plant because it looks like an evergreen.  The aroma from rosemary is pleasant and can be enjoyed long after the final carol is sung.  In fact, I recommend mincing some and tossing with paprika on oven-fried potatoes.  Deee-lish.

-Profession: Communications Specialist

-Favorite credit card: Capital One

-How long could a writer's block slow down a 300 lb. linebacker?:  Either forever or not at all.

-You're an avid sand volleyball player.  If they offered a quicksand volleyball league, where would the safety ropes be placed?:  Out of bounds by the corners.
-At what level would play be deemed unsafe for a participant?: When the person is waist deep.

-You knew me when I was 16 years old.  What did you think I would grow up to be?:  A basketball coach.