July 8: La Cucina Clay Pot

Sunday, July 8, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 2:15 PM
Given to Cathy from Rod.

I fell for the ol' bait & switch last night when I went to see the new Spiderman starring the new love-of-my-life Emma Stone and some other guy who was pretty good, too.  Here's how I was duped: It's a common advertising strategy to use celebrities to pitch products; it says to us consumers "if it's good enough for Suzanne Somers (or whomever), it's good enough for me."  Last night, the audience was treated to Martin Sheen playing the role of Peter Parker's uncle.  SPOILER ALERT: Up until he dies, I kept waiting for Sheen to tell me about Midas' 2-for-1 brake pad special as he has served in the role as the company's radio spokesperson for several years.  I couldn't shake it.  It didn't matter that he's played some famous roles in The West Wing and Apocolypse Now, among others.  I hope he doesn't start doing Viagra ads or else I may have to do a total boycott of all of his films.

-Profession: Nurse

-Favorite vital statistic:  Pulseoximeter

-What do you think the best medical TV show is that really captures the essence of what doctors are like?:  Probably ER.  I never got into House and Grey's Anatomy was a little over the top.

-You and your husband enjoy going on cruises where all your comforts are provided for.  What would you add to make cruises even better?:  The alcohol is always extra.  Before, when you went to port someplace, you could bring back alcohol with you on the boat.  Not any longer.  The ships keep the alcohol until you disembark.

-What's the best use of cilantro?:  In my blackbean salsa with salsa, diced tomatoes, onion, garlic, the beans, corn, lime juice and vinegar.