July 24: $10

Tuesday, July 24, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 11:42 PM
Given to Jack from Ernie.
Now he can buy the pen and pencil set he's always dreamed about
It's not a great leap of the imagination to go from Michael to Mikey to Mike.  They're all various forms of the same name, which mimics the transition Tony Stark goes through to become Iron Man.  We all know it's him and there are no surprises; we're just waiting for Robert Downey Jr. to put on the damn suit and kiss Gwyneth Paltrow before making some wisecracks that amuse us in our stadium seating.

John to Jack?  Or any name that devolves into Chip or Skip is like Dr. Bruce Banner turning into the Hulk.  How does he do it?  And why?  There's no simple progression from A to B here.  I've scrambled the letters and after hours of painstaking staring and shuffling, I could not find a way to go from John to Jack.  It's easy with the J, but after that, things tail off into a mound of frustration.  So Jack's real name is John, but he goes by Jack.

The infinite reflections make him think
his barber is Edward Scissorhands
-Profession: College student

-Favorite mirror: The one with infinite reflections I see at the barber shop

-Are you nimble?:  I'm not nimble.
-Are you quick?:  Not really, but I'm working on it
-Given these difficulties, are you able to jump over a candlestick?:  I could probably manage that.  But I couldn't over a serious church candle, though.

-Which tool best reflects your personality: a car jack, a jackplane (used for smoothing wood) or a jackhammer?:  A jackplane.  People talk to me if they're having hard times.  I seem to be able to smooth them out.

-What's the next face you'd like to carve into your Jack O' Lantern?:  Joker from the most recent Batman movie.