July 17: "Snowy Nights" Candle Set

Wednesday, July 18, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 12:15 AM
Given to Tim from Gail.
"Snowy Nights" is also the name of a Canadian
romance novel series
Last weekend was my weekend to run into bachelorette and bachelor parties.  I mentioned kissing a young woman's forearm on a scavenger hunt on Friday and I saw two bachelor parties at a rooftop Chicago Cubs game on Saturday.  One of the groups was from Iowa and I don't think I met anyone from Iowa before, so I hope I covered my gawking well by making polite small talk as we enjoyed a tasty draft beer.  But asking him about corn (but not his corns, which he indicated he had) took a permanent spot on the conversation on-deck circle.

I also had the privilege of sitting next to the ringleader of a bachelorette party, who was hosting seven women and her sister, on Saturday night.  Prepared, but never asked, to offer my pole dancing services to the lucky eight, this suburban elementary teacher and I kibitzed about all things with her young pupils, including one who wanted to grow up to be a pot holder maker.  I think that's spot on right.  I've often fantasized about running a zoo tram or being a professional door opener.  I'm great as a wedding usher, too.  But pole dancer?  I honestly don't think I've got the butt for it.

"Live like you were dying" doesn't
mean wearing your cowboy hat
all the time
-Profession: Convention Services and Events Manager

-Favorite USPS service: Many choices of stamps

-Tim McGraw wears his cowboy hat seemingly all the time.  Are there any functions where you think he's not wearing a hat?:  Hopefully at something black-tie and at the gym on the treadmill.

-T.I.M. stands for thioisomescaline, which is a series of psychedelic drugs.  If you were on them, what would you see?:  Rainbows and unicorns and pink elephants.

-TIM was also a Japanese comedy unit.  What do you think they find extremely hilarious?:  Eating rice on a cheeseburger as a topping.