July 15: Indoor Kite

Sunday, July 15, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 4:31 PM
Given to Sydney from Travis.

Sometimes, things are just bat-shit crazy.  You have an indoor kite, pictured above.  You have warnings on the back of the packaging, pictured below.  Here's where you point & laugh.
It's an indoor kite!  

Learned a lot from getting
hammered drunk on Foster's
-Profession: Director and Educator

-Favorite stage direction: Stage Right

-Sydney is the most populous city in Australia.  Do you think Americans know more about it from dining at Outback Steakhouse or from the Crocodile Dundee trilogy?:  Neither!  'Cause we're Americans and we don't know anything.

-How many Bibles does the average Gideon place in hotel nightstands?:  100.  There are a lot of hotels...and there are a lot of Bibles...and there are a lot of Christians.

-If someone would tell you to go fly a kite, would you fly this one or would you go out a buy a larger dragon one to show that person you mean business?:  The dragon one.  I like to have larger productions.  I do, though, already have a rainbow one at home that I got from the Dollar Store.