July 26: "Food Network Favorites" Cookbook

Friday, July 27, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 12:33 AM
Given to Brigitte from Josh.

As I pass cars on simple two-lane streets, I take casual notice of their license plates.  If they begin with GGH (FYI: not my real plate number.  I withhold that information for obvious reasons, most notably, there is a Best of Sugar Ray CD in the passenger side door), I squint even longer at the car because there's a chance I was at the BMV at the same time they were getting their plates.  And if there's a close match, for instance GGH 1242 and GGH 1266, I stare at the driver in hopes that her tired, forlorn face will jump out at me, triggering a memory.  Was she the girl buying bubblegum at 9:40 in the morning?  Or the one moaning to Allison about her boyfriend trouble?  This evening, I saw a couple of GGH's sputtering along on the road.  Perhaps the drivers of those vehicles are wondering the same thing about me?

There is no translation for
"Excel Ninja"
-Profession: Tutor

-Favorite hand greeting: Firm handshake where you get a good grip on the palm

-You love cigars.  Have you had a Havana?:  Not yet, but you'd have to drive up to Canada to get one and I'm not driving to Canada for a cigar.
-Are there certain times when you'll smoke one?:  I like to smoke and drive my car.  I also like to have one when I'm visiting with family and friends--smoking it always outdoors.

-You have 2 T's in your name.  Do you think there is a certain hierarchy when people have double letters in their name (i.e. the double A's and S's in Scandinavian names)?:  I don't know if there's a hierarchy.  If you have a double consonant, it's usually of foreign origin.  Mine could be French, German, English or Spanish, for instance.

-You have taught ESL (English as a Second Language).  Did you teach your students any swear words?:  No swear words.  But I had to teach them about the workplace craziness that goes on.  There was this text called The Chronicles of Duda.  In it, I remember a disgruntled office worker thought his boss was trying to kill him; it was presented in an ironic manner.