July 2: Decorative Serving Bowls

Tuesday, July 3, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 12:13 AM
Given to Megan from Wendy.
Rogue astrologers do their readings on glass bowls
Are you listening closely?  Do you hear that?  That's the sound of ooohhh's and aaahhhh's as Megan opened up her decorative bowl set.  The bowls were given to Wendy and her husband as a wedding present 20 years ago; they've been sitting in the top shelf in her kitchen for a looonnng time.  Now, she has some cupboard space to stow all of those neglected 8-inch rounds and double-boiler pans.  The reason why they've been neglected was because she got a near identical set.  And since she kept those, I'm guessing they were were from a more favored relative.

Speaking of weddings, about 10 years ago I got my friend Amanda a fun couple of wedding presents.  I found a "fish dish" shaped like a fish at Marshalls department store, which boasted it could make succulent fish every time.  I hear that married couples eat fish, so that made sense.  Then, trying to find something else to round the wedding present out, I threw in a pair of handcuffs that I got from the cereal aisle in the grocery store.  Unlike all of our curiosity to know the story behind Wendy's bowls, I'd prefer not to know the current whereabouts of said 'cuffs.

Her tail feather has been worn down to
a nub
-Profession: Dancer

-Favorite good luck charm: Lucky #13

-You dance in music videos and films.  Have you ever snuck in the lawnmower into a routine?:  I haven't, but I love to go out and stupid dance.  I get great satisfaction out of that.  I like to see peoples' reactions, too.  Most people are too cool for school when it comes to that.  I do enjoy doing the robot.

-Normally you are not starstruck when in Los Angeles, but you were when you saw Barbara Walters because she can "make anyone cry".  How would you make Barbara Walters cry?:  I would ask her what the saddest moment in her life was, played over some sappy Tracy Chapman song.

-People think you aren't into sports, but you actually like boxing and hockey.  What's something else that people assume about you, but that's actually spot on?:  That I'm fun.  And I'm generally in a good mood all the time.