July 22: El Salvadorian Coffee and Coin Purse

Monday, July 23, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 12:08 AM
Given to Leslie from Emma.
It's 100% coffee, can you believe it?
I prefer the 80% coffee, 20% sawdust mixture myself.
A few years ago on vacation, I learned how to make a wallet made entirely out of duct tape.  It was an impressive neon orange and turquoise blue (6 bonus points for me for using opposite ends of the color wheel) and you knew it would last forever.  Before boarding the plane to go home, I transferred my credit card and other essentials to the duct tape wallet.  After I got through security, I went to the desk where I was to board to see if I could get a seat with extra legroom.  The attendant asked to see my ticket, which was in my wallet.  The plane was pretty full and it was doubtful anything could be done.  However, I produced it and got something I hadn't bargained for.

The airline worker fawned over the wallet--a little at first, but then she was all out gushing in no time.  I offered to give her the wallet, which she at first hesitated to take, then excitedly accepted.  She told me to check back in 5 minutes.  I came back to the gate desk and, with a cute little wink, she bumped me up to first class!  All because of the wallet.

I prefer to call it a 'weanie koozie'
-Profession: Freelance writer

-Favorite gummi: Vodka gummi bears

-You haven't met a craft project you didn't like.  Can you suggest a craft for the following celebrations?:
A) Labor Day- gynecological stirrups made from popsicle sticks
B) Groundhog Day- molehair scarf
C) a briss- crocheted weanie warmer

-When you've had to go on the search for something, have you left any stones unturned?:  Yes, probably 69 in total in my lifetime.

-As a freelance writer, you cover the police blotter.  What have been some of the more interesting stories you've covered?:  Well, a guy was stuffing 153 pounds of frozen meat into his pants at a grocery store.  There was also the man in the grocery store trying to bum rush the door with a cart full of Red Bull and beer.  But a good one was the police were called to a residence where it was reported that a man was masturbating in public.  It turns out it was a woman in a flesh-colored shirt sanding a door.