July 21: Decorative Box full of pennies

Sunday, July 22, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 12:44 AM
Given to Emma from Nick.
I found one Canadian penny and rolled it...shhhhh
 My left bicep was roaring on my way to see Emma because I was carrying a box full of loose pennies that Nick had and were quite heavy.  I presume he collected them over a period of time as a barista at America's Public Bathroom/America's Reliable Wi-Fi.  Apparently, a penny saved is an annoyance and must be rid of.  Enter Emma.
Mrs. and Mr. Scrooge McDuck
I brought along some penny rolls from the bank, you know, to make a morning of our encounter.  Nick didn't know how much was there and we wanted to know the total!  After eating a fine egg, focaccia toast, and coffee breakfast this morning,  we followed it up with some intense coin rolling.  In the course of this, I found out that on occasion Emma--when needing to fill up her gas tank--has searched for loose change around the house (i.e. $8.82) and told the gas station attendant that that's the amount of gas she would like.
As a token of her patience, we gave the waitress the 17 cents
we couldn't roll
We ended our time with some orderly coin logs so Emma can blow it on something extravagant.  We, and our server, were quite proud of our coin rolling skills. Total haul (Antiques Roadshow treasure chest sound) : $10.67

-Profession: PCNA (Nursing Assistant)

-Favorite first aid item:  Neosporin

-In your spare time, you like to volunteer at a soup kitchen.  Do they serve soups that are in season (i.e. pumpkin soup in the fall)?:  That would be very classy if they did and awesome.  But they don't.  The most common soup they serve, however, is beef minestrone.

-You also enjoy going to Latin American countries, specifically outside of tourist zones.  However, at tourist spots, what have you been tempted to buy?:  At the beach in the Dominican Republic, they have this open market with beautiful paintings.  Inland, they would cost $2 or $3, but there they were like $55.  But, in all the travel I've done in Latin America and elsewhere, I've seen feathered boas at pretty much every kitsch stop.

-You speak a little of five languages (English, Spanish, German, Tagalog (Filipino) and French).  What are three things you know how to say in all five languages?:
-1) love
-2) how are you?
-3) car