July 3: 3-Pack 100 Watt Energy Saver Lightbulbs and Thai Candy Necklace

Tuesday, July 3, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 11:58 PM
Given to Betsy from Megan.

Do you have those moments when you're driving in the car and something steals your attention and you lose focus on the driving for a little while?  When it's all said and done, you've traveled something like 10 miles over a 20 minute time frame and don't remember how you got from point A to B.  That happened to me today as I was leaving work and saw this Dodge Acclaim driving down the road with the donut tire on the rear right.

All these questions flooded into my mind.  I wondered how long they had the spare on their car since you can only drive 50 or so miles on it.  Did they have Triple A?  Did they change the tire themselves?  Were they hungry after changing the tire and did they opt to risk going to a drive-thru to get some food before buying a new tire?  Did they have to go to a repair shop or since they changed the spare time themselves, can they put on the new tire without assistance?  How many friends did they call to tell them of their woe?  How cautiously did they try to avoid potholes?  Was the passenger in the car making jokes about donuts and coffee?  Was the driver an hourly laborer?  Was the driver on his/her way to a date later that evening?  Would they tell the story about their donut shame to the date?

I could continue with more examples of what was going on upstairs, but it took so much time then and now I don't even remember what I was going to write about today.

-Profession: County Budget Analyst

-Favorite nail polish color: Navy Blue

-One of your previous jobs was at the Miller Brewery in Milwaukee.  What do you consider the "high life"?:  Anything that has a cold one in my hand surrounded by friends on a beach or in a bar and everyone's laughing.

-As a Catholic, do you think people get extra special treatment in the afterlife if they do extra genuflects before entering a pew or extra signs of the cross when entering church?:  No, I don't.  I think the extra stuff works like cross-multiplication and gets cancelled out.  God doesn't like show-offs.

-You are also Irish Catholic and began imbibing at an early age.
What is the mean drinking age for Irish Catholics?:  20
What is the median drinking age for Irish Catholics?:  32
What is the mode drinking age for Irish Catholics?:  80