October 20: Louis Roth Necktie

Saturday, October 20, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 10:51 PM
Given to Lindsay from Sandu.
What a girl wants, what a girl needs...is not a
I boarded a plane to visit my brother today.  It's a good thing it was Delta.  It's no slap on the other airlines' reps.  I haven't been on a Delta flight in at least a couple of years.  But I love going with them not for their great airline deals or comfy seats or availability of flights.  No, I like Delta for the Biscoff cookies they serve.  If you've never had them, they are a delicious bite of cinnamon goodness.  Throw them up at 30,000 feet and it's heaven.

Given my robust excitement, I told the flight attendant today that they would make an excellent prison meal and also that I had not had them lately.  Do you hear that sound? That's the sound of surplus Biscoff cookies falling into my lap from that friendly little flight attendant.  How does five packs sound to you?  [Ching!] Aside from the first pack paired with some cran-apple juice, the remaining four will be delicious.

-Profession: Accountant

-Favorite question to ask a stranger: Would you like sparks to come out of your hand or be invisible forever?

-The Clan Linsday is a Scottish clan.  Fill in the following Mad Lib: They can take away our __(1)____, but they can't take away our __(2)____.  Computer (1) and Smart phone (2).  I can't live without my smart phone.

-You live with a tax accountant in, coincidentally, apartment number 1040.  What sort of exemptions do you make for each other?:  None.  We get a deduction for being ultra trendy.
-Would a Schedule C be akin to your bathroom cleaning rotation?:  Yeah.  Because we don't cook dinner and we have floors, so we don't vacuum.

-What would you tell a would-be accountant to crush his/her hopes and dreams?:  The CPA exam...yeah...it's terrible.  I'm not sure why someone didn't slap me when I wanted to be one.