November 5: Music Box Santa Sleigh

Tuesday, November 6, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 12:26 AM
Given to Stephanie from Caroline.
Instead of a puppy, some kid's getting a giraffe this Christmas
I get to learn a little something about each person I meet.  Tonight I learned that Stephanie's favorite animal is the giraffe and she enjoys visiting them when she goes to the zoo, which is quite often.  She also has a pet rabbit.

Enter Caroline's gift of the Santa Sleigh with a Noah's Ark Sampler of animals including...a Christmas giraffe and bunny!  She was super thrilled with it.

-Profession: Lawyer

-Favorite sitcom: "Big Bang Theory"

-Your last name was Ash.  From what did you burn?:  I rose from my burning law books.

-Stephanie Storp is a German shot putter.  Besides throwing shots, what else do you think she chucks?: Pretzels and beer.

-In legalese, how would you tell me to stop writing my blog?:  You have hereby been ordered by Stephanie Ash to cease and desist all blogging activities from pursuant to the digital millennium copyright act.