November 13: Barry's Irish Tea, Aero Chocolate Bar, Cadbury Chocolate Digestive Crackers, and Two Tea Mugs

Wednesday, November 14, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 8:01 AM
Given to Jessica from Heather.

This gift's got some Euro 'flavah' to it, finished with some Heather sweetness, too.  I'll paraphrase the note that Heather included with her gifts to Jessica, but it goes something like this:

Hey person I don't know,
So when I was in Ireland, things were pretty awesome.  I liked meeting up with friends and I'd have tea time once a day.  We'd just kick back, solve the world's problems, stop arguing about reality TV shows, and just have some kick-ass conversations with each other.  I've included some of the best Irish tea, two mugs, some chocolate, and some digestive crackers that I dunked in the tea.  People don't dunk digestive crackers nowadays, do they?  Well, these crackers are for that purpose, so if you don't dunk them, I'll hire a P.I. and find you.  Ha, ha, ha!  I already know where you live!  Anyway, enjoy.

During a bad case of stomach flu,
the Hamburgler vowed never to steal
 anything ever again. 
-Profession: Public Relations Professional

-Favorite way to distribute a message: Facebook

-You once lived in the motor home capital of the world (Elkhart, Indiana).  Outside of sex, if this motor home's a rockin' and you don't come a knockin', what's causing the rockin'?:  Hurricane Sandy.

-You enjoy the finer things in life (architecture, art, fine food, travel).  What's something rough that you enjoy (and please don't say anything about the motor home a rockin'):  Caring for my two boy toddlers. It's like herding cats.  I'm always on the edge of a nervous breakdown, but in complete happiness all the time.

-You're related to Ronald MacDonald.  How do you think the real Ronald McDonald acted with a bad case of the flu?:  He'd be all green instead of white.  And he'd act like a scary, deranged clown.