November 3: Patriotic American Tie

Sunday, November 4, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 1:03 AM
Given to Missy from Jackie.

In sports, it's cliche to say someone gave 110% effort, which carries over when people talk about the jobs they have and how much they're invested.  You get the nay-sayers who chime in and say that it's impossible to give 100%.  It's interesting that you never get these two camps together in one room at the same time so that they can duke it out to figure out who's right.

I'm here tonight to say that it is possible to give 110% and I can prove it not through through the power of some highly-complex algorithm, but rather through humble arithmetic.  Today is the end of Daylight Savings Time, when we all turn our clocks back one hour, thus gaining one extra hour in the day.  If someone was working a full day such as a firefighter, they could use the extra hour to say that they gave 110% in their job today.  So stick it up your cakehole, naysayers!

When I turn my watch and clock back, I hear that old school VCR rewinding sound in my head and it does sort of feel like I'm traveling back in time.  The opposite's true when Daylight Savings Time begins, except it's feel more like the nobility in Nottingham being robbed by Robin Hood and I'm wondering where that blessed hour went to!

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-Favorite office to vote for in an election: U.S. President

-For women, there is designation for married women (Mrs.) and unmarried women (Ms.).  If a married man is a Mister, what would an unmarried man be?:  Bachelor

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-What would a swing-and-a-missy be?:  Bringing me flowers and then a pretty tight embrace.