November 25: "Off the Hook Handset" Plug-in for Cellphone

Sunday, November 25, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 11:59 PM
Given to Libby from Rich.
You're on the hook for $15 if you want one
Companies worry too much about tamper-proof packaging and forget to catering to senior citizens' needs.  Take this lovely gift from Rich, which, by the way, I happened to buy for myself after seeing it.  The packaging was not "frustration free" and after Libby scratched and clawed to get the damn thing open, I huffed and puffed to do the same.  Libby's fit and strong; I'm fit and strong.  Between the two of us, we both cursed this stupid packaging.  We didn't need scissors, but it wasn't easy.  What do older folks do when they're trying to open something like this?  It must really suck.  Some people say getting older isn't fun because of the health ailments or less sex or more games of bridge, but I think the tamper-proof packaging's got to be up to at least #3 on things that really are not fun no matter what age you are...maybe #2.
"Hey, so...yeah, I just got a bunch cooler."
On the same note, don't talk to me about bottles of aspirin.  I would think if you've got aches and pains and you're a senior citizen and can't get the bottle open easily and all they're showing on TV is a Burt Wolf travel marathon, I'd be grumpy over stale toast and wailing children, too.

If she had Seven Pounds, Will Smith
might tell her to floss
-Profession: Hospital I.T.

-Favorite skiing level: Blue Square

-You're a twin.  Is your relationship to her more like Kit Kat, Twix, or Twizzlers?:  Twix because we're still separate, but we like to be near each other.  We live in different cities.  Kit Kats and Twizzlers are joined.

-You play a lot of sports (volleyball, flag football, skiing, crossfit) and surprisingly video games, too, which puts you in the same demographic as single, mid-20's males living in their parents' basement.  What else do you have in common with them?: I like video game t-shirts.  Halo ones, in particular.

-You've never had a cavity.  How much sugar per week (in pounds) would it take for you to get one, providing you continue your normal twice a day brushing habit?:  4 pounds