November 28: Longaberger Basket, Troll Doll, and 2 Packs of Post-It Notes

Thursday, November 29, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 2:19 AM
Given to Selma from Chris.

Masking tape and the Sharpie were two of the best inventions to ever enter our family household.  Last night's post got me thinking about my dad's part-time job as a Domino's Pizza driver when I was growing up.  On a semi-regular basis, he'd bring home plastic containers that previously were home to pizza sauce or dough and our family would use them as vessels for soups, homemade sauces, and other items for freezer storage.   The trouble is we wouldn't label them.

Several months would go by and we'd have a orange-ish/brown-ish colored liquid with just the right amount of freezer burn that would prevent us from identifying what it was.  For example, my mom would announce that we'd be having soup & sandwiches for dinner and would go about de-thawing some "chicken soup".  That chicken soup would occasionally turn out to be applesauce, gravy, or chutney.  Until the tape and pen were incorporated six years later, our family enjoyed these kinds of surprise "delights".

-Profession: Accounting Matador

-Favorite coffee foam design: Creme Heart

-In working at two coffeehouses, you're on the verge of becoming a professional barista.  What hipster quality would help to make that happen?:  First, Bill Cosby sweaters are a must.  A beanie hat and no bathing.  Thick-rimmed glasses.  Everyone's into weird hobbies at the one coffeeshop I work at.  This one girl is a ceramicist.  Is that real?  I'd also have to hang out at thrift stores.

-If you were a Troll Doll, what would you have people rub on your stomach aside from a gem in order for people to get their magic wish?:  Face of a puggle (beagle/pug mix).

-If you had to leave a post-it on a post-it, what would the original post-it say and what would the subsequent one say?:  I'd actually have a stack of post-its and everyone but the bottom-most one would list threats about not pulling them off.  The bottom one would say, "Fine, Pull Me Off", along with a crass picture.