January 13: Cool Lovin' Facial kit

Friday, January 13, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 10:18 PM
Given to Annie from Devin.
What if your skin type falls into the
"normal to rough as a callous" category?
Devin insisted that I mention he was at a crossroads between giving the facial kit or a set of Ginsu knives (tough enough to cut through a tin can and a tomato).  How he had a facial kit in the first place is beyond me.  Have fun cutting through tin cans at home, D-man.

His gift, though, landed in the right spot with Annie, who said she was going to use it this very evening. That's probably a good idea.  Use it tonight and wait.  Wait in case you have a breakout with this stuff.  MLK Day couldn't have been more timely.  Annie was also stoked about wearing the included headband featuring three of nature's finest: a carrot, cucumber and beet.

Plans to use leftover cream as
chip dip
-Profession: Alumni Relations & Fundraising
-Favorite kind of noodle: farfalle
-Blonde moment(s): Well, um, I have kind of a lot of them.
-What would a 'brunette' moment be?: Falling a lot and running into things (ouch!)
-A 'redhead moment'?: Anything where they are flying off the handle quickly...and watch out when they drink.  Uh-oh.