November 4: Eco-friendly Fireman's Hat and Pair of 3-D 'Titanic' Glasses

Sunday, November 4, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 8:32 PM
Given to Caroline from Missy.

Missy made this fireman's hat of newspaper when she went to the zoo for Earth Day.  Isn't that just a little hypocritical of the zoo in celebration of that great day?  They're trying to do something green, but they could be causing a major natural catastrophe.  A flick of someone's cigarette could send a spark in the air, which could land on the hat.  This would ignite this non-durable hardware that could conceivably start off a chain reaction of fire, which could endanger lives and destroy forests, homes, and the like.  Why weren't the newspapers at least soaked in some fire retardant before given to the children to play with?

Whenever there are 3-D glasses around, I put them on and each time I think that "life" is just going to start popping out at me.  But nothing happens when I do, I grow disappointed, then become regretful that I put them on in the first place.  Truth is, I've never seen a 3-D movie that would require those glasses.  I'm really hoping that they'll re-release Kelly Clarkson's hit film Justin & Kelly in 3-D.

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under a rug.
-Profession: Vacuum Purchasing

-Favorite kind of salsa: Black Bean from Harry & David

-Since we live next to each other, what two neighbor characters on Sesame Street would each of us be?:  I'd be Mrs. Snuffleupagus and you'd be Big Bird.

-Is any relationship just blasé if the other person doesn't 'sweep you off your feet'?:  Yes, I would definitely need to be swept off my feet.

-Within 5, how many times in your life has someone said Bah-Bah-Bah after you've met?: Twice.  I was very annoyed.  I cringe at that song.