November 6: "Star Wars" Sticker and Coloring Book, Jumbo Coloring Pad, Pack of Colored Pencils and "Star Wars" M&M Lightsaber

Wednesday, November 7, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 1:06 AM
Given to Chris from Stephanie.
A 'method colorer' would never work outside the lines
My kitchen cupboards and refrigerator are bare.  I've been eating out the last week for all of my meals, but fortunately have been saved by a few packs of graham crackers and a bundle of carrots for any snacking that needed to be done.  I ate out again tonight and had a vegetarian quesadilla.  When I came home and sat down to watch some of the election coverage, something strange happened.  I looked around and finally realized I had so little food around.  Why?

Twelve pounds lighter, I finally came out of the haze of political ads that I've been bombarded with since the summer.  Over the last few weeks as the campaigns for both parties intensified, commercials advertising products I would have purchased became non-existent and were replaced by political ads galore.  Tonight I saw ads for Cheez Whiz and Doritos and Yoplait yoghurt.  I'm again an open receptacle for clever marketing campaigns whose only goal is for me to buy their crap in the supermarket.  I'll miss you Barack and Mitt in my face every minute of the day and the 12 pounds of freedom in my waist.

Woman also asked if Chris would like
her pair of pumps
-Profession: Theatre Professional

-Favorite acting award thank you: Mark Rylance's Tony acceptance speech this year

-Tom Hanks and you both played Rinaldo at the Great Lakes Theater Festival.  What Tom Hanks role do you think you'll play in the future?:  I'll write a stage adaptation of an episode of Bosom Buddies.

-Through written form (i.e. emails, letters), has anyone referred to you as a woman?:  Not that I can recall off the top of my head.  Actually, it did happen in person once.  I had really long hair and I was dressed up as a clown for a show for a deaf Amish audience.  A deaf Amish woman signed to one of the actors, asking her if I was a woman.

-You're the 22nd bearded gift exchanger.  Are you jolly?:  I'm so jolly.  I'm so happy that there are that many bearded exchangers out there.  That's about 7% for the year.  That's high.