November 9: Darth Vader Pez Dispenser; Bag of Ricola Cough drops; Bag of Lindt Chocolate; and Christmas Garland Decorations

Saturday, November 10, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 12:03 AM
Given to Tina from Catherine.

I was filling my car up with gas and saw this interesting billboard below.

Oh, wow!  Park Mazda is the 'home of the $24.95 oil change'?  This is so brilliant!  No other car dealership in the country before them could dream up an oil change at such a reasonable price.  I wonder if they use this as a competitive advantage over other car dealerships in the area?  Could you see someone choosing to bypass Jones Madza, home of the $26.75 oil change, and take their business to Park Mazda instead?

But I really love this gimmick.  I wish companies and other businesses would use it more.  The Cleveland Cavaliers--home of the 76% free throw shooting percentage.  Taco Bell--home to the 48-hour runs.  Pierre's ice cream--home to the two and a half ice cream scoop.  Bizarre yes.  But where else could you go to visit the home of the 48-hour runs?

But let's be clear.  Homes are not the same as birthplaces.  Businesses should also use those as well.  Gino's--birthplace of the fold-over gryo.  Manchester University--birthplace of the all-nighter.  Yes, birthplaces seem to carry a bunch more weight.

-Profession: Artist; Bartender

-Favorite alone time activity: Making Books

-What's the most interesting dream you're willing to reveal?:  I was back home.  You know those tiny airports with the grass field and old school hangar and bi-planes?  I'm there with my family and we're walking around.  Then we find ourselves laying in bed together, staring up at the sky.  It's a sunset with some crazy pinks and blue.  Then we get bombed on by planes overhead.  But we're just laying there, looking up at the bombs like fireworks.

-With your new bag of Ricola's, please come up with a yodel: Hi-you-you-you [which she actually sang out loud in the restaurant we were in]

-If you could have any job, what would it be?:  I'd be an advertising/fashion photographer.