November 23: Brain Cell Plush Doll & Roll of Duct Tape

Friday, November 23, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 10:01 PM
Given to Mark from Kristen.
I didn't know brain cells had eyes
Mark is such a great guy and great at what he does, too.  He keeps the pedestrian and auto traffic moving along swiftly, while putting a smile on everyone's face who pass him.  He's a high-fiving, hand-shaking, fist-bumping kind of guy.  If he wasn't working to keep the intersection of Adelbert and Euclid in Cleveland safe every day, he could probably make a bundle of money working the same corner at night.  He's a textbook example of how to get things done.

I have a secret hope that one day when I'm waiting to turn onto Euclid at the light, he will go in the middle of the street and stop a large line-up of traffic when they have a green light in order to let me get to my destination a few seconds earlier.  That would really great.  That's when you know you have it in good with Mark.

I think, though, if Mark were not working the streets, his directional skills would come in most excellently for something like a cooking program.  For example, if two people are trying to prepare a turkey, he could be yelling "go, go, go" to the person who has to put the stuffing in, while at the same time, holding a hand up to the person who's eager to baste it.  Then when the turkey's got enough stuff, he'd let the baster go ahead, while holding up the stuffing person who's ready to put some butter on the outside.  It'd be beautiful.

-Profession: Public Relations Officer

-Favorite way to begin your day: Greeting Case Western students

-Is there a line one shouldn't cross with a crossing guard?:  Trying to do it your way like Burger King.  You can't have it your way.

-In school, did you always get high 'marks'?:  I was a merit roll student--3.0, 3.1.  I played around with a 2.9.

-Can you recall a memorable greeting from...
...a driver?:  A couple of days ago, some guy in his mid-30s or 40s said he was proud to be a Clevelander after seeing the spot of me on TV.  He said there's goodness in society.

...a pedestrian?:  all people who pass by me from Case Western and the University Circle area.