November 29: Ugly Sweater T-shirt

Thursday, November 29, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 11:34 PM
Given to Becky from Selma.

There are good milestones, there are bad milestones and then there are some that should be filed under miscellaneous.  Examples of good milestones are wedding anniversaries or a regular trip back to a place where one lived abroad.  The last time you've vomited might be an example of a bad milestone.  Then you get into odd ones, such the one I had last night.  I was so tired last evening, I slept for 12 hours, with a break at 1:00 a.m. to post yesterday's blog entry.  I got home from work and laid on my bed and woke up this morning at 6:00.  That's not the milestone.  The milestone was that I did not eat dinner.  The last time I didn't eat dinner was August 25, 2006, when I was in Los Angeles with my brother.

He and I were picking up a friend and going to Venice Beach.  He got a case of the hungers, as did our friend Jessica, who came along for the ride.  Before going to the beach, they pulled off and dined at McDonald's, a place I refused to eat at.  My digestive system didn't enjoy the jolt and it produced a not-so pleasant couple of hours.  Last night's unintended fast is also unusual because I'm usually on a two-hour feeding cycle.  Consider last night 'mind blown'.

Perhaps auditors should count beans
-Profession: Accountant

-Favorite drink to warm you up: Pumpkin Soy Chai

-You're planning two weddings.  If you were to somehow be inspired by watching "The Wedding Planner", would you rather have a shirtless Matthew McConaughey around or know how to do a J-Lo booty shake that'll turn heads?:  The J-Lo booty shake for sure.  It could take me many places.  I'd just look at Matthew McConaughey's chest, maybe touch it.  Imagine being in a nursing home and having that booty shake.

-Do you think it's unwise to suggest accountants count sheep to fall asleep?:  It would probably be bad for an auditor.  I don't do a lot of counting.

-How might you modernize the ugly sweater party with a new garment?:  An ugly cape party.  There are not enough opportunities to wear capes.  And I think the opportunity to wear one is a good thing.