November 27: Bowling Pin

Wednesday, November 28, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 12:09 AM
Given to Chris from Pam.

I spent the entirety of my evening with my mother in the emergency room.  She took a spill earlier this evening and broke a couple of fingers, but she's doing all right.  Initially, the mood was fairly somber as we waited to get in for an x-ray.  But it started to lighten when one of the nurses was razzing me for how smelly the onions in my vegetarian sandwich were.  I told her and the rest of the staff no free smooches until after my mom had her tests completed.  Boy, I sound like a dirty old man.

I also took the opportunity to remind my mom of my fake ER visit when I was in seventh grade.  I was at Justin Apathy's house (surprisingly, he had a lot of drive in grade school) where kids were dancing; oddly, I remember wearing a blue, green, and white polo shirt.  After a while, I wanted to leave the party and faked an injury of a hurt dancing thumb.

Imagine someone lining the inside of your thumb with super glue and sticking it to your forefinger.  That was the injury.  Anyway, my dad had to pick me up.  When I got home, I didn't drop the act.  My mom thought I had done some kind of permanent damage to it, so my dad took me to the ER.  I went through the whole line of paperwork to be admitted and saw a doctor.  Perplexed at never seeing an incurable case of immovable thumb before, he said he was going to order an x-ray.  As a 13-year old, I saw the dollars that my dad didn't have, and in a span of a few minutes, my thumb magically regained it's mobility.  However, it was still a little "sore" the day after, coaxing my mom into making me pancakes the next morning.

-Profession: Medical Technologist

-Favorite leftover: Mashed Potatoes

-What might female Chris's and male Chris's wear in public so that people could tell them apart?:  The male Chris's should wear a really bad toupee.  The female Chris's should wear gaudy jewelry.

-You and your husband love TV and movies.  Combining that interest with your job, who would you cast as a platelet in a blood panel movie?:  Well, platelets are the part of the blood that's really important, but doesn't get enough credit.  It'd be like a Best Supporting Actor type.  Phillip Seymour Hoffmann.  Yes!  That's it!

-Some people talk about putting the 'fun' into 'fundraising'.  How might you put the 'Chris' into 'Christmas'?:  Being able to spend time with my family being all together.