October 8: 4 Pack of Beer Glasses

Tuesday, October 9, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 12:45 AM
Given to Danielle from Chuck.

What do y'all think of two letter abbreviated first names (i.e. J.K. Rowling)?  Perhaps you've not given the matter any thought.  In that case, here's a hot list that breaks down most of the known names.

Mean: J.R., J.C.
Artistic: B.B., J.K., B.A, K.D.
Athletic: M.J.
Preppy: J.P., A.J., D.J.
Cool: K.J., T.K., any alliteration (i.e. C.C.)
Scary: B.J., L.T.
Hot: K.T., M.J. (if a girl)
Clueless: P.J., J.D.

Fastest crocheter this side of the
Potomac River
-Profession: Evolutionary Biology Major

-Favorite animal's evolutionary tree: Whale

-You know how to work on cars and also how to crochet.  What could you do faster--change a car's oil or crochet a washcloth?:  Definitely crocheting a washcloth.  I could do that in 30 minutes.  It would take about 45 minutes to change oil.  I'm not as proficient with that.

-Given your major, how big of a badass is Darwin?:  He's a pretty big badass.  As he was going to publish his work, someone else was writing the same thing.  But Darwin stole that guy's work.  He was a badass at stealing other people's work.

-In the same manner that Chuck (yesterday's gift recipient) makes friends with other Chucks, how good do you interact with Daniel's?:  I know a lot of Dan's.  Many of them are good friends.  My dad's name is Daniel.  But I know only one Danielle; we don't get along.