October 24: Matted Poem

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 4:17 PM
Given to Ambria from Laurie.
Second oldest gift at 10 years spent in a closet!
The past two days I've been hanging out in a Caribou coffeeshop as it's the only place I can get reliable internet service.  The free service "GuapaNet" I've been piggybacking on in my brother's apartment has gone on radio silence.  It forced me to trot over here yesterday to blog and email.  As it's day 5 of spontaneous gift exchanges, I met Ambria yesterday and asked her if she'd be willing to participate today.  Humanity gets a boost from her participation [cue the thunderous applause].

I've been sitting here contemplating what people are called who hang around coffeeshops too long like I am today.  There are barflies for those who spend too much time in bars, gym rats for those in gyms, workaholics for those who work too much (those people are also called crazy).  The best I could come up with is "Drippers".  As a former barista, we all despised drip coffee because it took too damn long, particularly for those 10:30 at night decaf drinkers who we wondered what woodwork they crept out from.

Overwhelmed with joy that the beans
finally have a new home
-Profession: Student; Coffeeshop Employee

-Favorite part of New Hampshire: The Trees, in particular the climbing tree in my backyard

-If two coffee beans are planning an escape from the grinder, how might they go about it?:  They'd make a pitch to the barista that they smell so good they should be in cups in a perfume shop.  They are great at sweet talking and would be good salespeople to convince the barista to take them there.

-Your nickname was "Crash" during one summer and you also trained as an automotive tech.  How comfortable would people feel about you working on their car?:  Very comfortable.  They're unrelated.  I was working at a dealership and I was trying to back a car up into an empty spot...and I missed it by quite a bit.  And my boss was watching.

-You briefly studied opera and also enjoy crochet.  What would be the most dramatic part in an opera about crocheting?:  Probably when you're tying the knot at the end when you're finished.