October 16: Pixies: Original Master Recording Record

Wednesday, October 17, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 1:27 AM
Given to Derrin from Betsy.

I'm beaming today--absolutely beaming!  The sun was shining more brightly today, children were laughing everywhere, and powdered iced tea was actually potable.  But that's not why I was thrilled today.  I was thrilled because I visited the James A. Garfield Presidential Monument! 

Dein Gepfurze riecht wie hoellisches Sauerkraut.
Here are some key facts about our 20th President:
  • openly opposed the adoption of the greenback
  • last of the Log Cabin presidents
  • liked triangles
  • campaigned in German
  • left-handed

-Profession: Associate Marketing Manager

-Favorite word to print: To-do

-You're a Twitter addict.  What would your tweet be if you're congratulating a friend who got an ice cream cone, dropped it, slipped on the cone, met the girl of his dreams and then bought a jeep, which he then rode off into the desert?:  Congrats. Your life sucked and now it doesn't. 

-Roadtripping is one of your favorite pastimes.  If you were going to start a collection (i.e shot glasses, snowglobes), from rest stops, what would it be?:  Local food wrappers.

-What color were the peppers that Peter Piper picked?:  Green
-What time of year did he pick them?:  Early-autumn.