October 3: Decorative Silver Picture Frame

Thursday, October 4, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 12:27 AM
Given to Annie from Reggie.
If this was a picture of two dudes arm wresting,
Reggie probably would have kept the frame.
Today's shining star comes with a simple story.  A friend gave Reggie this 8.5 x 11 inch decorative silver picture frame as a birthday gift two years ago.  It's been camping out in his closet.  I came along and--sha-whoosh--made it disappear from his possession.  The reason why he didn't have it displayed?  "It's probably a little too girly for me," says Reggie.

Makes out with CPR face guard
at all times
-Profession: College student

-Favorite Hand-Me-Down: Black and White Dress

-'Rescue Annie' is a name for the doll used in CPR training.  What would the male counterpart be named?:  Andy.  Like Raggedy Annie and Andy.  I think people in CPR training would want to pick which doll to practice on based on their gender.  I'd do CPR on myself.  I'd like to save myself.

-Is 'Red' a better nickname for a girl or guy with red hair?:  I think both.  I'm known as both 'Little Red' because I'm small and short and also 'Big Red' because I have a big personality and I'm sassy.

-Annie is a Norwegian electropop singer and Annie is also a Pakistani pop singer.  If they formed a duo, what would they be called?:  Annie Squared
-If they sang a song together, what would the song be called?:  The Worlds Combine