October 10: Iron City Beer Glass

Thursday, October 11, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 12:18 AM
Given to Lizzie from Juantesha.

During my pleasant little chat with Lizzie tonight, she turned the tables and asked me a question about an island and what three items I would bring on it.  Here are my thoughts.

First draft:
1) Baked Beans
2) Elizabeth Hurley
3) Richard Dean Anderson

The idea here is that the the beans would sustain the three of us, while MacGyver figures out how to build a raft to get us off the island.  Liz Hurley and I would bide time by making out while he's doing his thing.

Second draft:
1) Baked Beans
2) Emma Stone/Rachel McAdams/Liz Hurley
3) Richard Dean Anderson

The only difference here is that Emma had my heart in The Help.  Rachel had me in The Notebook.  However, neither have a British accent.  The debate rages on.

Third draft:
1) Liz Hurley
2) Richard Dean Anderson
3) A taser

Liz can stay.  I still need to get off the island.  I'm worried about RDA moving in on Liz.  A taser should keep him at bay.

Final answers:
1) Liz Hurley
2) Richard Dean Anderson
3) Book of Spells

I would have no way to recharge the taser and I'm not asking our Stargate SG-1 star to develop a recharger that would only hurt him.  Instead, I would enchant him with a spell that would make Liz look like a clump of inedible moss.  Hard to imagine, but that's my plan.

Checks friends' blood pressures using
the '60 Minutes' watch
-Profession: College student

-Favorite news anchor: Stephen Colbert

-You aspire to become a TV broadcaster on 60 Minutes.  Are you more likely to be hypnotized or pumped up by the sound of the ticking watch?:  Hypnotized.  I would become a drone.  I would be likely to channel Dan Rather.

-During the summer, you were a Democratic spy working for the Republican party.  During the summer, you heard several ridiculous things, including a pronouncement that Ronald Reagan would defeat Jesus in a fight and that Jesus would be Reagan's VP.  If Reagan had to battle the following foes, would he win or lose?:
-Reagan vs. Chuck Norris: Lose.  No one loses to Chuck Norris
-Reagan vs. Tasmanian Devil: Lose. Reagan's an old man.  He wouldn't survive
-Reagan vs. Steven Seagal: Win. I don't know action hero Steven Seagal.  I only know sad, reality-show Steven Seagal.
-Reagan vs. Wolverine: Win.  Reagan has bigger claws.

-On her next trip to buy a home computer, do you think Adele has 'gotta get a Dell'?:  Yeah.  She should get one.  And one for the baby.