October 22: Compact from San Francisco

Monday, October 22, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 12:00 PM
Given to Ann Marie from Aria.

I think that mirror makes my hand look fat
This compact has been with Aria for eight years after she purchased it in San Francisco at age 15.  It's got a nice black dove costume jewel with faux diamonds on the top outer case, along with some inlaid fancy metal circular pattern on the outside bottom, both of which are not pictured.  Inside, of course, is the mirror and a Sharpie-drawn eye that Aria did back in high school.  I strolled into the organic cafe where she worked, had a meal, told her my gift blogging story, and--kazow--she came up with it for me to pass along.  [cue the polite golf clapping in the background]

Of all the things women carry, I think the compact is the one I'd like for myself.  People get all caught up in man-purses and stuff, but any human could benefit from having a pocket-sized mirror at the ready.  After eating meals containing visible spices, I often awkwardly ask strangers if I have anything stuck between my teeth.  Kapow!  No need for that anymore.  Instead of foundation, I'd probably have some of those mini Altoids ready and perhaps a few strands of floss.

Still uses a Teen Spirit stick
Ann Marie
-Profession: Bon-Bon eater

-Favorite part of a Boston Creme pie: The Chocolate Coating

-You really like and watch for bald eagles.  If they were not bald, what kind of hair style would they have?:  Psychedelic, shiny crystal sequence hair that's sprayed in purple.

-If you were to anthropomorphize your Honda Fit, what does it do to stay in shape?:  It loves sprint drills on beautiful country roads.

-Your email has 'gentle spirit' in it and, by coincidence, you bought paint that is called 'free spirit'.  What will be the next 'spirit' in your life and what will it apply to?:  It will be 'true spirit' and it will apply to my life.