October 13: 'Neccos for Breakfast' and 'Together, Pamoja, Tenebo!' CDs

Saturday, October 13, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 10:42 PM
Given to Kennetha from Joanne.

This morning, my brother, mom, friend Maria and me went out to breakfast at an establishment called Gene's Place.  Gene decorated the place--an original Perkins restaurant many moons ago--with many 60s crooner photos, vintage sports memorabilia and WWII posters.  He also had many custom names for the choices on his menu, including 'The Jack Benny'--two pancakes and two eggs--which is what I got, or 'The Don Knotts'--a sirloin steak with a couple of sides. 

We placed our order and my mom was the first to speak up.  "I can't eat their syrup," she said.  "I won't."  "I have to agree," I chimed in.  "If I wanted a bottle of corn syrup, I...I...well, you know what I mean.  I don't want a bottle of corn syrup."  Maria remained silent, taking inventory of the increasingly disgruntled environment.  "I'll be right back," said my brother Mike.

Mike left to the local grocery store and came back with some Grade A Dark Organic Amber Maple Syrup from Canada.  No questions.  No dirty looks from the wait staff.  Gene didn't even notice.  Mom was happy.  I was happy.  Mike was happy.  Maria abstained.

Civilian personnel on base were called
'civilian ho-hos'
-Profession: College student

-Favorite color of a garage: Blue-ish gray with red and white trim

-You're the daughter of two military parents.  Is there a better nickname for military offspring than 'brats'?:  I like 'military Oreos' better.

-As a creative writing major, if you're unsatisfied with a diary entry, do you ever re-write it to make it more scandalous or graphic in detail?:  No, never.  I figure it had better be real...it's my life story!

-In high school, you played 'Teenager #1' in an indie film called "Distorted Reality".  As the first of four named 'teenager' characters, were you offered first right of refusal for bathroom breaks?:  We didn't have a bathroom and I didn't need to use it on set.
-What about the craft table?:  I did get to go first, yes.
-Did you bond with the other three 'teenagers'?:  Yeah, we all got the parts because we were in a youth-based acting camp.  It was cool.