October 5: Bottle of Ice Wine & Little Black Journal of Wine

Friday, October 5, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 10:34 PM
Given to Jesse from Giselle.

I checked my LinkedIn account today and up pops a notice that said, "Aclara posted a job you may be interested in: Sales Director, Software Utility Solutions in Remote Location."  It all sounds great until you stumble upon "remote location".  Do any of you conjure up something from the X-Files or Unsolved Mysteries here?  I can see it now.  "Hey honey, I've got this great opportunity to join the Aclara team.  We may each lose a limb in the first year and sleep with guns under our pillows, but it's a 20% pay increase with a chance to climb the company ladder as long as my emotional and mental capacities remain in tact."

Because I think with my stomach first, I was thinking there would be no quality Italian restaurant (and probably not even an Olive Garden) and probably no place with fine imported cheeses.  If I was throwing a party for my girlfriend, would there be a party shop with fancy napkins and festive candles? What about a World Market?

-Profession: Metal Finisher

-Favorite canned food: Campbell's Tomato Soup

-People who like wine are called wine-os.  What other animal-ish sounding name would you give them?:  Winecrows because crows usually eat the grapes in a vineyard.

-After a successful train robbery, what would have been the most thirst-queshing drink to Jesse James?: Probably whiskey or moonshine.

-You're the 20th bearded gift exchanger.  Are you jolly?:  I am jolly and happy.