October 26: "Einstein: A Portrait"

Friday, October 26, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 11:49 PM
Given to Jeremy from Jim.
Profiles Einstein's fondness for cucumber sandwiches,
leaving footprints in the sand, and slumber parties
I met Jeremy in the same Caribou I met Ambria a couple of days prior.  There I am, hat in hand, telling them of my tale of woe and gift exchange blogging.  After watching this play in Minneapolis called Two Sweet-N-Lows and a Stir (or Two Sugars and a Non-Dairy Creamer or Two Pumps of Mocha and One Pump of Vanilla Make a Delicious Hot Chocolate or some damn title about two women who talk about life over coffee), I made my way to see Jeremy.  When I spoke with him the past two days (during my time hogging their free internet), he kept on telling me he had a lot going on.  Not like bad things going on, mind you.  He was just a guy with a lot of 'irons in the fire'--a guy with so much going on that it convinced me to use the expression "dollars to donuts" at one point during a conversation today, even though I have no idea what that means and that it bears no relationship to a guy like Jeremy who seems like he could use a pocket organizer.  I suspect a needy girlfriend, but it's only conjecture at this point.

And...happy day!  Jeremy is gift exchanger #300 for the year!

-Profession: Commercial Surveillance Installer; Barista; Student

-Favorite trick to perform on a snowboard: Backside 270 into a boardside with a 270 out

-Pearl Jam said you spoke in class today. What did you say?:  I don't even know, brother.

-Of the stores you install video equipment in, which one do you think would have the best footage for a web series?: Victoria's Secret.  There's enough interesting stuff going on in there.  'Nuff said.

-If someone were to do a portrait of Einstein, which medium do you think it would be in (other than a book)?:  Either a black colored pencil or a quill tip pen with ancient black ink.