October 30: Decorative Kitchen Scrubber

Wednesday, October 31, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 12:31 AM
Given to Molly from Dan.

I was connected to Molly through her uncle Jeff whom I'm friends with.  Originally, we were just going to get some coffee and chat until the remnants of Hurricane Sandy took out my power last night, which set off a chain of Lemony Snicket unfortunate events, leading me to cancel the exchange I had previously scheduled with this guy named Dave.  Let's go over the cast of characters again--Dan, Molly, Jeff, Lemony, Sandy and Dave.  Okay, I think I got it.  A few hours before we met, I asked Molly if she could find a gift to bring to our meet-up.  Three hours?  No problem.  Molly got a gift. 

Since it was our first time meeting up, it was interesting to know what Jeff told Molly about me. She told me that he said I played basketball...and that was about it.  I recall a similar incident a few years ago when my friend Jack told his co-worker (who was trying to set her daughter up) that I liked to "laugh a lot".  It's really interesting to see what cream of information rises to the surface.  Why doesn't anyone talk about the fedora I wear?  "You'll really like Dan," says Jeff.  "His fedora's really hot on him."  Or what about the fact that I like to make applesauce? "You know, I think you and Dan will have a good time," says Jack.  "Dan is an applesauce maestro."

-Profession: First grade teacher

-Favorite running distance: 800 meters

-'Molly (16 Candles Down the Drain)' is a song by Sponge.  What went wrong for Molly on her 16th birthday?:  Actually, I have a story.  I share a birthday with my Dad and on my 16th birthday, he was going to take me and three friends to Chicago.  We were going to go shopping!  Two days before, my dad got a staph infection and we had to cancel our trip.  I was sad.  Then on my birthday, I got pink eye.

-'Molly' is also the name of a Polish children's TV show.  How do you think they would educate kids about pierogis?:  With a song that rhymes and to the tune of "Spice Up Your Life" by the Spice Girls.  "You can eat 'em on a hoagie...can't smoke 'em like a stogie."

-You've never broken a bone.  If you had to break a bone--knock on wood--which bone would be preferable?:  My pinky finger.