October 21: Chicken Clock and Ohio University Kids Jersey

Sunday, October 21, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 9:57 PM
Given to Aria from Lindsay.

I don't understand this Chicken Clock.  There's this rooster, actually, with a disproportionately ginormous left claw.  A loaf of bread on a serving tray serves as the placeholder for his right claw.  He's standing behind this giant teapot, holding the front of it with four fingers in the front and presumably another human-like fifth digit for support in the back.  You round out this kitchen-themed clock with the fork and spoon sticking out behind this guy.  I don't know who I feel sorry for more--the rooster, the people who buy this kind of crap, or the Chinese people who make it.  My instincts say the rooster because he didn't have any choice in the matter and he can't escape from it like the characters in the Harry Potter paintings can at Hogwarts.

-Profession: Visual Artist, Organic Cafe Guru

-Favorite Wizard of Oz character: The Cowardly Lion

-How would someone who enjoys good-for-you, organic food let their hair down, culinarily speaking?: Pizza Luce.  I'd get a mock duck, banana pepper, BBQ sauce covered, pineapple and cheddar pizza, along with some ranch sauce on the side for dipping.

-You have a Heinz 57 dog (a lot of varieties of dogs) named Ketchup.  Did Heinz 57 get its name from:
[A] # of sexual positions the company had listed in its HR manual
[B] # of pickle varieties
[C] # of divorces in the Heinz family over the last 200 years
[D] ???

I think it's [D] because there were 57 total ingredients in the ketchup.  [Actually, they sold 57 varieties of products.]

-If you buy copier paper that's 99.99% jam free, what kind of jam is the other .01%?:  Elderberry
Copying never tasted so good