October 23: "My Greatest Teacher" & "The Core Balance Diet

Tuesday, October 23, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 5:45 PM
Given to Laurie from Ann Marie.
My greatest teacher was Andy Griffith's Matlock...what a
clever cat he was...and stylish, too!

I've been out of my usual habitat the past four days, writing to you from the great state of Minnesota.  With no gift exchangers in the fold, I have to search for them like truffles in a forest.  It's the blogging equivalent of cold calling.  Or door-to-door vacuum cleaner selling that I thought had gone away during the early-80s, but discovered that wasn't so, according to my friend Matt who did it a couple of years ago before too many close calls with dogs and unfriendly humans.

This morning, I trekked downstairs from my brother's apartment on the second floor and knocked on the neighbor's door on the floor below.  Out came Laurie and pleasant introductions before I asked her to participate in this project.  No problem!  We had a lovely little chat in my brother's in-the-midst-of-construction apartment (see the green tape on the windows), exchanged gifts, and felt great about humanity all around.  Thanks Laurie!

-Profession: Stay-at-Home Mom

-Favorite wonder of Minneapolis: The seasons

-As a 50-year old woman, you went to your first KISS concert.  Were you nervous for your 'first Kiss' experience?:  No, I wasn't nervous, but it was great hearing Gene Simmons in his New Jersey accent tell people that it was 'awesome' to play in front of them.  As far as my first kiss, oh yeah, I was nervous.  But probably not as much as my 11-year old.

-Laurie Island is an island in Antarctica.  What do you think their #1 seller is in the tourist shops?:  Ice cube trays shaped like lorries [trucks].

-Laurie is also a 1965 tragic ballad by Dickey Lee.  If it were instead a tragi-comedy, what would be funny about Laurie's tale?:  That she had a tail.