October 19: "The Global Encyclopedia of Wine"

Saturday, October 20, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 1:33 AM
Given to Sandu from Rusty.

Years from now, you'll be reading about a psychological experiment that me and my work colleagues unwittingly participated in.  As we've descended into fall, the temperature outside has obviously dropped.  However, the air conditioning in our building has mysteriously remained on.  We have thermostats in our office that work, that show temperature, and on which the temperature can be programmed to go up or down.  As they get progressively colder throughout the day, people go to them and try and make the office warmer.  The interesting bit about them is that they don't do a damn thing.

We've made several calls to the maintenance office and they've said the heat should be working.  We finally called a VP to come over.  He tells us that the heat will be turned on in a week.  And that the thermostats--just installed a year ago--have no function.

There would be riots at the mention
of Chester Arthur's name in Romania
-Profession: Guitar Maker

-Favorite squash: Acorn

-You're Romanian.  Tell me a Romanian holiday that the U.S. should adopt and a U.S. holiday that Romania should adopt.: Mărțișor (March 1) is a day when all men and boys give flowers to every girl in their lives (mothers, aunts, cousins, girlfriends, wives, etc).
-I'd say Romanians should celebrate President's Day.  They wouldn't care, they would celebrate any day off and for a reason to drink.

-Many a man have romanced a woman with a guitar.  Would guitar making be akin to whispering in the guitar player's ear and telling him what to play for his love interest?:  No, the guitar maker is going straight for the girl and romancing her.

-Do you insist on silence when 'Dueling Banjos" comes on the radio?:  No.  I like banjos, but I don't care about that song.