March 31: Wooden Elephant-Themed Pen Display

Sunday, April 1, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 2:21 AM
Given to Diamar from Tom.
The woman in the upper right really
wants this pen
Goodbye March!  We're one quarter into 2012 and this blog.   But before we bid March its final adieu, do you remember the weather proverb "March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb"?  The meaning, of course, is that the month begins with severe weather and ends with more spring-like, pleasant weather.  [Side note: Did you ever wonder if this thinking ever contradicted the groundhog's prediction on Feb. 2?]   I remember my parents and only my 3rd grade teacher, for some odd reason, reminding me of this meteorological certainty.

However, I polled 108 people on both March 1 and today to see how they thought the month came and went.  Here are the results:

March 1
-44% said the month came in like an armadillo
-37% said a frustrated rooster
-11% said lion, puma, cheetah, or cougar
-8% said a yak with 'tude

March 31
-49% said the month ended like the animal on Donald Trump's head
-22% said rose-breasted grosbeak
-18% said a carp
-11% said they didn't care to answer my question since the 2012 apocalypse was drawing nearer

-Profession: Hair Stylist

-Favorite hair cutting tool: Clippers

-You tell people to call you "Dee" because it's shorter and easier.  If you could give every man, woman and child a haircut that was shorter and easier, what would it be?:  A short, layered cut...probably a buzz cut.

-You're from the Virgin Islands, but have lived in the States for a while.  Is there anything that just doesn't make any sense about living here?:  Why many parents automatically kick their kids out of the house at 18.

-Can you approximate the longest, wiliest eyebrow hair you've ever seen?:  It was about 2 was humungous!  It went all the way down to past his eye and it curled.