April 2: The Case for Christ book and Palm Cross

Monday, April 2, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 11:03 PM
Given to Iwan from Carless.
See Lee Strobel's other bestseller:
"The Case for Cured Hams"
Iwan is, for all practical purposes, a rocket scientist.  I asked him if he ever mentioned his profession if someone around him was putting together, for example, a cabinet.  "Well, it's not rocket science," I presumed he would say.  But he did have this fun anecdote:

"I've said things like 'this isn't rocket science' on many occasions, often to get a laugh.  A few years ago, I was asked to give a talk to the American Society of Neurosurgeons.  It was a breakfast talk.  And I made this comment about brain surgery and rocket science.  Let's put it this way--they weren't a humorous bunch."

Jolly Bearded Gents Associaton
demanding he shave his beard off
-Profession: Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

-Favorite American accent:  Genuine Deep South

-In the States, luxury items (i.e. high end cars) often have the announcer with a British accent talking about their features.  For luxury items in the Wales, where you're from, what accent do they use?:  Well, an upper class accent as opposed to something regional.  No foreign accents, though.

-What's the best province in the UK?:  Wales, for sure.

-You're our 10th bearded gift exchanger.  Are you jolly?:  I would say the people that know me well would say I'm not jolly.  I can have a good time, but I'm not jolly.