April 6: Chia Obama

Friday, April 6, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 11:02 PM
Given to Sally from Greg.
All 'W' got was a toilet scrubber
Back in mid-December, I was finishing up a game of 33 (basketball game) with my friends Devin and Mike.  I managed to win all three games we played, putting on a shooting clinic in the process.  As we were stretching afterward, I was telling them about my diabolical idea for the blog.  Devin said he would do it only if two girls stretching near us--who we all didn't know--would do it.  Polling sane people, he thought, would be a good way to gauge the appeal of such a project.  They came over, listened to my idea and said they would do it; however, I didn't get their sign-up at that time.  Devin immediately signed up for a date, looking as though I had just posterized him with a tomahawk dunk.

I hadn't seen Sally for a couple of months until spotting her at the gym in late-February.  She asked me how my blog was coming along.  Well, right then and there, I got a date for her exchange which was today!

Random fact: Sally's super embarrassed to admit this, but she likes to see the vacuum lines in her carpeting.

Writes about Robert Blackwell's
bumps in red ink
-Profession: Accountant

-Favorite gossip magazine: People because it's the most true.

-Long Tall Sally was a song written by Robert "Bumps" Blackwell.  What do you think the bumps are?:  Some body bumps--a butt or something.

-Originally from Erie, PA where you got tons and tons of snow each winter, you now live in Cleveland where people just wine about how much snow they get (it's about half as much as Erie).  How do you feel about that?:  From grades K-12, I never had a day off due to bad weather.  They allotted for snow days, but used them in the spring to give us long weekends.  I never understood why they just didn't use them when they needed to!

-I get confused.  What's the bad one--being in the black or the red?:  Red's bad.  I only use my red pen to make corrections on something, but at no other time.  I'd rather write in purple or green.