April 20: "Nuts on Clark" chocolate covered pretzels and banana chips

Friday, April 20, 2012 - Posted by 366 White Elephants at 2:32 PM
Given to Patricia from Christina.
Two sacks from "Nuts on Clark"
Clearly, even if you were the most sheltered person in the world, you'd know that "Nuts on Clark" was not simply the location of a delicious chocolate, convection, popcorn and nut shop in Chicago on Clark Street, but a euphemism for something else.  Possibly even something that you shouldn't discuss in mixed company.  The nice thing is that "Nuts on Clark" has several locations in the Chicago area.

-"Nuts at O'Hare": that's just what the ladies like--some hairy nuts
-"Nuts at Midway": anatomically that's about right
-"Nuts at Soldier Field": use your cups, boys
-"Nuts at Union Train Station": major metropolitan area + public transportation = some crazies

Does not have a Clark in her life
to be nuts about
-Profession: Student

-Favorite brand of gum: Stride flavor-changing gum

-The 1990 U.S. Census said that Patricia was the second most popular female name.  What was the 3rd most popular?:  Emily

-If you were a patrician (aristocrat) in Ancient Roman times, what would be your indulgence?:  Honey wine and grapes.

-Do you have any interesting scars?:  Yes, I have a lightning bolt scar!  And I also met Daniel Radcliffe and got his autograph from a chance encounter in New York.